2020 The Dikeou Collection: Denver, CO; Mid-Career Smear, curated by Cortney Lane Stell, February 20, 2020 - February 18, 2021

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2019 Talk With Your Mouth Full: Black Cube Nomadic Museum, June 2019

2019 James Fuentes: New York, NY; Here is New York (E.B. White), September 8-October 7

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2018 FUTURA: Prague; Black Cube Nomadic Museum Residency, May-June

2018 SEPTEMBER: Hudson, NY; Sit-In; April 7-May 20

2018 Denver Art Museum Logan Lecture: Denver, CO; April 2018

2017 Galerie Iconoclastes: Paris, France, Formes Subtiles – (Modern Remix); curated by Geraldine Postel and David Magnin, November 14th-December 11th

2017 Kunsthalle Wien: Vienna, Austria, Publishing as an Artistic Toolbox: 1989-2017; curated by Luca Lo Pinto, November 8 - January 28

2017 Denver Art Museum Key Award Recipient

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2017 James Fuentes: New York, NY; Pray for Me; June 28-July 28

2017 American Medium: Brooklyn, NY; The Mere Future, curated by Tim Gentles; June 23-August 6